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Moisture Control and Radon Soil Testing in Durham, North Carolina

Effective pest control often depends on proper conditions at your home and effective moisture control. At Bug Man Exterminators in Durham, North Carolina, we will help you maintain proper conditions at your home, as well as test for dangerous radon gas.

Moisture Control – Vent Installation

With a plastic moisture barrier in your crawlspace and a temperature vent in your foundation, you can minimize the moisture buildup that contributes to mold and insect infestation. These measures will also increase the air flow during warm months. It will close off in the cold months to help regulate household temperature.

Radon Soil Testing

Allow us to visit your home and take a sample of your soil to test for radon. We will return your results and offer options to mitigate problems caused by any radon. If radon problems are present, we will provide you with the appropriate contacts to take care of them.

Yellow House, Moisture Control, Radon Soil Testing in Durham, NC
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